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FutureProof Terrain: Think LEGOs, but for Tabletop Wargaming

  • Infinite unique battlefields
  • Half the price of major competitors 
  • Sturdy, precision-molded plastic

Unmatched Convenience: Sturdy, Push-Fit, Injection-Molded Plastic

Push-fit, LEGO-like components make assembly simple and intuitive, no instructions necessary!

And when the battle’s over, FutureProof Terrain breaks down quickly and easily– so storage and transport are a breeze!

Unleash Your Creativity: Endless Terrain Possibilities 

Modular, interchangeable parts mean that you are only limited by your creativity. Construct unique, cinematic battlefields on the fly– from one-man barricades to 10-story mega-fortresses!

For competitive players, it’s the perfect tool for tournament practice. FutureProof Terrain can be assembled to match all of the major tournament layouts!

Cost Efficient:  Half the Price, Double the Value

Games-Workshop terrain costs over TWICE as much as a set of FutureProof Terrain, with NONE of the benefits. 

Modularity means never having to update or upgrade– FutureProof Terrain is the last terrain set you’ll ever need!

Beautifully Detailed:

Gothic Decoration


Tons of fine details decorations to show off your painting skill.

Battle Damage


Because how else would ruins becomes ruined?

Seamless Assembly


The pieces are designed to flow seamlessly together, giving your battlefield a natural and aesthetic look.

Designed for Gaming: What You See Is What You Get

Other terrain sets can have impractical designs, like ambiguous footprints and excessive small gaps– this can lead to disagreements.

FutureProof Terrain is practical and precise, designed with gaming in mind. This means no more guess-work and no more rules disputes!


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